Ways Save Money on Grocercies – Live With No Impact

There came a time recently, when it sounded like a great idea to start thinking about really how to save money. It may have been due to the recent global economy or any number of other factors. But, one thing was for sure, re-evaluating spending habits and the way we were contributing to the world economically became more of a focus for us

Then, around this same time (some months later actually) I stumbled across a blog called No Impact Man writes. He is a writer and movie producer/director who took it upon himself to create as little a footprint as possible on the earth for one year with his family. His journey is quite amazing and it turned into a documentary. The whole point of this article is to introduce you to a new concept of how to save money. In fact, the whole point of starting this site Save Money Topics, was driven by my desire to open up a different dialogue about how we relate to and with our money. It by no means is going to make you change your entire life, unless of course you want to ‘downsize’ anyway. If this is true, then finding this site and maybe taking a look at Dr. Colin Beavan is just what you needed to find at this point in your life.

So, like this particular article says, this is about learning how to save money on food, right? Well, yes and no. If you adopt even some of the suggestions made here and on the other recent articles on our site, you will definitely learn some out of the box ideas regarding spending and saving money.

There are many radio personalities and personas on television that claim to have all the answers when it comes to your money. One person that I really enjoyed listening to, at least while he was on in our market, was Dave Ramsey. True, I can catch it online, but I used to listen in the car at the time he was on each day. In any event, one of his main driving principles and one that is echoed elsewhere is that in order to life a truly blessed and abundant life, you should always learn to live on (ie. spend) less than you make. Now, I don’t want to try to boil all of his other great advice and support down to that theory, but it is a really big key.

In our culture, we are praised for what we can show for our work. The things that we acquire represent how well we are doing in the world. Is this actually true? You might challenge this notion if you think about how the people that go bankrupt are usually the ones with all the stuff around them. In any case, it is a good solid principle with which to live by.

So, how does all this have to do with saving money on groceries? I thought you’d never ask. The food we eat is also nothing more than a representation of our lifestyle. If you value your health, then you will eat foods that support this ideal. If you value convenience over quality, you may opt for more fast food choices in your diet. And you know that fast food always costs more in the long-run than quality food. Spending your money on this calorie rich and nutrient poor stuff is really a silly way to try and save money.

Excuses run rampant with why we need to eat out. The kids. No time. Crazy work schedule. These may all be true, believe me, I live it too. My wife, son and I are really no different. The thing is, we choose to eat healthy, so we put our money and energy into nourishing foods. This can actually save you more money because you will be buying locally grown, fresh fruits and vegetables. You may find that a way to cut back is to buy more vegetables and less meats. This is not to say that you can only save money by being a vegetarian. We are only saying that if you are making a choice to save money on your food and groceries, then you’ll need to likely re-evaluate and investigate ways to eat healthier.

Buying fresh each week can also limit spoiling of foods. If you are not wasting foods, you have more value there. One quick way to spend more on groceries is to buy a lot of them and then have to throw half of them out because you didn’t want to cook. So, you may need to learn how to cook again. If cooking seems like more than you can handle with your busy schedule, consider teaming up with friends or neighbors for some kind of co-op meal planning and preparing. There is so much more that can be said on this topic and we will allow that for another discussion. See the links in this article and start there. In no time, you’ll find that saving money on groceries isn’t that hard after all.