Tips To Save Money On Your Wedding Related Costs!

This topic could go on and on. There are so many places to spend money when it comes to your wedding plans, preparation, caterers, photographers, the dress, the gifts, the food and drink, the music, the pastor/priest/rabbi, the stamps, the…. It gets exhausting. Now, I’m a guy and I see these things from a guy perspective, so bear with me. Ladies, you do know that your man would be happy to get married in shorts and flip flops, right? Really, it isn’t that he doesn’t care how you both look or that he doesn’t love you. He wants to marry you, he asked you after all didn’t he? Of course, it is just that the color of your second aunt’s socks has never crossed his mind – and it never will!

You can look at this like a fault or just accept it with open arms. Now, if you are both planning this wedding together, kudos to your man, I couldn’t do it. But, if you are both doing this together, realize that he is probably only pretending to be adding something to the conversation. More often than not, he is simply finding the best way to agree with you. If he does this, you will get what you want – his approval and your way. It is like magic.

Now, since this site is all about the green, saving money and all of that and this topic is about your wedding plans, let’s take a minute to talk about just one aspect of the plans – the invitations to be exact. Again, your fiance has little interest in the color of the paper or the font, I promise you. He might be giving you a hard time about something, but that is only because you asked his opinion. Now, if you have pink and foo-foo stuff going on all over the invitation, he will likely object to some of that. It just doesn’t look good to him. He wants to see you wearing pink, he doesn’t care if it is on paper.

You can save a lot of money by making them on your own. Consider this a do it yourself wedding invitations party that you could have with him and a bunch of your girlfriends. Okay, scratch that. You can have the party with you and your girlfriends and he can take a much needed break from the estrogen frenzy that will ensue. You really can’t expect him to enjoy something like that. And, I promise you, he will not be very helpful when he is counting the seconds until he doesn’t have to do this anymore. He will appreciate the fact that you are both saving money by doing it yourself, but don’t expect him to actually enjoy the process. Don’t worry, you’ve plenty of years to be mad at him, don’t use it all up before you are even there yet.