Saving Money On Your Home Phone Bill!

There are becoming more and more ways to connect with each other. This is making it more competitive in the phone market. There are some opportunities to save money on phone and other phone-related costs because of this. In some ways, saving money on your home phone bill is the easiest thing you can do. In other ways, you have to give up some of that ‘land line’ mentality and go with newer technologies. This is not a call to drop your land-line in favor of using a cell. What we are talking about is moving more toward a internet-based home phone line. There are several from which to choose.

The most popular way to save money on your phone costs is to get rid of extra phones or phone lines. In some cases, you may have just had an extra line for a fax line in a home office or an extension for your teenage kids while they were at home. In the mix and routine of it all, you might have just forgotten that you are paying for these services that you don’t even use. An extra line was often used for an internet connection – yes, the dreaded dial up connection. Get rid of these. There you go, money saved.

Oh, you want some more ways? Okay, how about those internet phone lines? These are known as voice over internet protocol (VoIP) lines. Some of these include those jacks that just plug into a special port that you get for your computer. The Magic Jack “as seen on TV” is probably the best example of this. Other styles are lines of communication that require a computer and can interface with a webcam. The brand Skype, best captures the essence of these types. Then, there are also the types that have a separate box that you can connect your regular phone through. These allow you to keep your same phone number, give you voicemail and other features you can find on your traditional home phone. The name of this latter one is “Ooma”. The prices for these vary from free to $250 or so for the Ooma variety. However, these are one time fees. Once you pay the initial set up fees or cost for the ‘box’, the rest costs you nothing. Think about that, no more home phone bills. Definitely something to think about if you want to save money on your phone service.