How To Saving Money On Gifts

This is one of those areas that it is really easy to feel obliged to give others presents or gifts for those special occasions like birthdays and holidays. It is possible to save money on these items, as long as you are being creative. You don’t have to get them a cheaper gift because you feel like you can’t spend the money. Far from it. The whole idea here is that the gift you do end up getting them will be even more special because more thought will have gone into it.

Buying gifts can be fun and even exciting, especially when you know exactly what the other person wants. After all, ‘stuff’ is fun to have and play with. The thing is, if spending the money on this stuff to give to someone else puts you in a financially tougher situation, then all the intention behind it is wasted because the other person could even feel guilty accepting such a gift. It is another one of those philosophy of money types of things.

So, how is saving money on gifts possible, given all of this? Well, it is possible to create gifts or re-purpose some things that you have around your home. If you think that only new, store bought items can make your intended recipient happy then you might be underestimating your relationship with them. If it is a child, well, we will get to them in a minute. This individual whom you plan to give your gift to will be much more impressed and delighted to find a cared for and created item that can cost you little to nothing.

Think Martha Stewart. Guys, you’re probably about to stop reading at this point. Don’t be scared, we aren’t about to dive into some discussion on lace or ribbon or anything like that. The point is, she has ideas that most anyone can appreciate if you are at all creative or craft-minded. Sure, some of her ideas will cost you more to make in terms of having to get a bunch of supplies for, but others are practically free with the right things from around your home. Would you associate something from Martha as being cheap or flimsy? Nope, and neither will the recipient of your wonderful homemade gift.

Now, back to kids for a moment. Often, kids will want what they either see other kids playing with or something that is heavily advertised. I don’t think kids in the middle of a rural country side are dying to have a Dora backpack, those Liv Dolls or a laptop. Don’t get me wrong, kids can have fun and even learn with these, but giving them something they could probably use or play with outdoors would probably be more impactful to them. Think back, it may be decades ago, but just because technology has improved, it doesn’t mean kids must get the latest gadgets and stuff. Again, these things can be fun, so you might have to set limits.

There is a bigger problem which is learning how to save money if you think the more you get your kids, the happier they will be and the more they will like you. This is a really dangerous road to go down. I don’t think that you have raised kids like this and probably don’t want to either. So, if you are in a comfortable situation financially, but are just looking to pull in the reigns, then buy one gift. Maybe this gift is new and from the store. You could add to the amount of stuff you give as gifts by making things or having them help you make things for others.

Some friends of ours started a great tradition with their kids from a very young age. What they did was at every special occasion, like a birthday or holiday, when they knew that there was going to be a new crop of stuff in their home, they would ask their kids to go through their things and take them to a local Goodwill or donation drop off type of store. Two things happened, maybe more. One thing was the parents got to rid themselves of all the excess things that accumulate over time that the kids have grown out of or simply no longer enjoy. The other thing that happened, which is right up our alley at Save Money Topics, was the lesson the kids learned. They gained the most valuable lesson of all concerning money, which is that hording only leads to less abundance. In order to grow not only your wealth but your also personal and spiritual self, giving is where it is at. Giving as a way to save money, who would have thought? Well, you did, that’s who.