5 Quick tips to save money.

  1. Reduce debt.
    Clearing your most expensive debts always comes first when trying to save money.
    Holding a balance on a credit card or store card is one of the easiest ways to run up unnecessary debts.
    Generally credit card companies allow around one month to clear your balance, then the interest rate can rise to extremely high rates. Always try to pay off any credit card debt as soon as you can. Paying off the higher interest cards first will save money and clear your debts quicker.
    If you have debts on several cards, then a good idea is to transfer your balances onto a new credit card with a balance transfer deal, then pay off the balance at a lower interest rate. For more info on ways to reduce card debt have a look at this article
  2. Online discount and Coupon Sites – Not just newspaper clippings anymore. There are many sites that offer current promotion codes or discount codes with online coupons or vouchers.
    Groupon is possibly the most well known and offers some great deals in each major city. Local businesses offer coupon sites a certain number of deals in order to attract new customers. They often give away products or services at cost-price, with the hope that satisfied customers will return in the future. Groupon also offers a number of national deals every day.
  3. Price comparison sites eg GOOGLE SHOPPING
    Interested in buying a product online ?
    Before you click that buy button, copy and paste the product name into Google Shopping. This may not be visible on your google homepage – click on the ‘More’ Tab to find this service.
    This is a price comparison site that links to the very best deals for the product you are interested in. You can sort the results to arrange by price – low to high etc.
    If you are signed into Google it even shows if stores near your home have the product in stock – Often you can order the product at an online price and pick it up at a real world location.
    Watch out for any added delivery costs that may be added if you find your desired item cheaper elsewhere. Make sure you are comparing on a ‘like for like’ basis – eg if shipping is from another country, then you may have to pay extra import taxes.
    If the price difference isn’t too great, then many customers may prefer to stick to well known sites they can trust, or one with a no-hassle returns policy.
  4. Do you have any Unclaimed Cash or property?
    You may be surprised to know that millions of people have unclaimed money that they can claim?….From old uncashed checks, savings bonds, tax refunds or dormant bank accounts?
    Many people are pleasantly surprised at what they can find – the average amount is several hundred dollars, although many individuals have much more..
    Over $30 billion is estimated to be held in state accounts waiting to be reclaimed.
    This site combines all the separate databases from multiple states.