4 Tricks For A Healthy Financial Lifestyle!

We all seem to have moved away from a healthy financial lifestyle into a “have whatever we want” culture over the years and suddenly it is fighting back to bite us. Suddenly, with the economic climate the way it has been recently, we do not seem to have the same amount of available income so saving for the future is becoming more and more challenging.

When the banks worldwide fall into trouble as they have done recently, is it any wonder that we struggle on an individual family level. Reports show us that the average savings are going down dramatically as people are withdrawing their money to meet everyday needs.

When the cost of gasoline goes up it seems to be passed on from the manufacture then to the wholesaler, then to the retailer and finally to us. I am sure that each one adds on a little extra.

So it is now even more important that you become the money advice expert for your family and start to plan a budget which allows you to put away some savings to protect yourself against further hardships in the future.

Here are some areas that most people find that they could cut back on.

1) Impulsive buying is probably the number one area. We are bombarded on the television, in the newspapers and in the stores with offers that just seem irresistible. Unfortunately we succumb.

If people take their credit cards out shopping with them, it makes it all the more easy. Something like 70% of people who say they are window shopping end up buying impulsively. Leave your cards at home and take cash with you. You will be less inclined to use that.

Make sure that you only purchase the things you need rather than those you want.

2) You need to come up with a good budget plan. This will keep you on the straight and narrow but only if you stick to it religiously. You will still probably need a lot of willpower to resist the temptations that are frequently put in front of us.

3) Compare Prices. The internet is a great place to do this. There are lots of good websites where you will be able to check out the prices from a number of retailers and then choose the cheapest.

One thing that you will often notice is that you can often get very good deals if you buy in bulk too. If the store you decide on has a local outlet you may be able to visit it and save on the shipping. Or better still find an online store which will deliver to you at no cost.

4) Prepare your lunches in your own home. You will save a lot of money if you make your own sandwiches, lunches and snacks rather than visiting your local fast food shop. When you get really serious about saving you can drink water. It is cheaper and healthier than cola.

You should be able to see now that with this money advice you can make it fun to save money and become a lot healthier in both your body and your bank account.